The atmosphere is dark and gritty, the stress is high in the distant future where a one world government rules. Citizens start experiencing uncanny memories and thoughts of the future. A passive aggressive federal security agent and his eccentric confidential heroine find themselves involved in something larger than expected. After a major terrorist attack, and a bizarre disappearing incident at a political event, they discover a secret program the nation state and its private sector contractors have been hiding for decades.


In the distant future the major nations have essentially combined into one nation. There exists a universal currency, which has its fair share of supporters and opponents. Countries with valuable natural resources have been turned into farms. Technology, owned by a handful of companies have replaced a lot of human jobs. Global economy is largely influenced by the world’s top nations. Private corporations and government entities have combined in quest for a common goal.

Science Fiction

Story arc expanding over a six issue mini-series.


Fast paced action thriller to keep you turning the page and yearning for more.


Aimed at mature audiences, dealing with a violence, corruption, pain, oppression. For the experienced reader.


Chicago, IL
(872) 222 5448

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